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KORG iKaossilatorKORG iKaossilator
The inspiringly creative Kaossilator comes to iPhone!Korg has revolutionized the musical instrument world with their dynamic line of Kaoss products, using an intuitive X-Y pad to... Read more »

Remote Control for MacRemote Control for Mac
Turn your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate remote control for your Mac. Take full control over your Mac – use your iOS device as a trackpad and keyboard or launch any app from a... Read more »

The Room: Old SinsThe Room: Old Sins
Enter The Room: Old Sins and be transported to a place where tactile exploration meets challenging puzzles and a captivating story. The sudden disappearance of an ambitious... Read more »

Free and reduced Apps for iOS

In the app search engine of Saschas-Bastelstube you find besides german apps for iOS and Android devices also dozens of apps for e.g. the AppleTV Box and for your Smartwatch. On this page you will also find reduced apps. Many developers reduce their apps from time to time or even offer them for a certain period of time completely free to download.
Zuletzt bearbeitet: 21.01.2020

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Price: 229,99 EUR
Now only 99,99 EUR / -56.5% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 21. January 2020
0 Ratings - Rating 0.00 Stars

The Multi-ECG app allows - in combination with the CardioScout Multi-ECG recorder - the first mobile resting ECG recording with the iPod, iPad and iPhone. The derived ECG data are... Read more »

Anchor Pointer: Parked Car FinderAnchor Pointer: Parked Car Finder
Price: 8,99 EUR
Now only 4,49 EUR / -50.1% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 13. January 2020
157 Ratings - Rating 4.50 Stars

Find your way by smart compass! Say hello to Anchor Pointer app! With it you can save any location in the world, like a hotel in a foreign country or your parked car and never... Read more »

Fiete - mini games for kids 1+Fiete - mini games for kids 1+
Price: 3,49 EUR
Now only 2,99 EUR / -14.3% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 05. January 2020
320 Ratings - Rating 4.50 Stars

Fiete is a friendly sailor who lives on an island in the sea. In this interactive picture-book, children between 1 to 3 years can explore Fiete’s island and help him with his d... Read more »

Bad North: Jotunn EditionBad North: Jotunn Edition
Price: 5,49 EUR
Now only 4,49 EUR / -18.2% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 13. January 2020
82 Ratings - Rating 3.00 Stars

Your home is under attack. The king is dead at the hands of Viking invaders. Hope is a distant glimmer in the fog, fading fast with every passing moment. As you rise to take your... Read more »


WatchAnything - watch facesWatchAnything - watch faces
Price: 2,29 EUR
Now only 1,09 EUR / -52.4% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 18. January 2020
11 Ratings - Rating 4.00 Stars

Any photo as circular graphic complication on the watch face of your Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 !- Have a photo of your family, pet, favorite place, inspirational symbols, visual... Read more »

Price: 10,99 EUR
Now only 5,99 EUR / -45.5% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 17. January 2020
6479 Ratings - Rating 4.50 Stars

Famous boardgame and great iOS experience, with expansions as in-app purchases. "iPhone Game of the Year", iTunes Rewind Germany. "The single best board game experience in the App... Read more »

IOU Debt Manager Still WaitinIOU Debt Manager Still Waitin
Price: 1,99 EUR
Now only 1,09 EUR / -45.2% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 20. January 2020
338 Ratings - Rating 4.50 Stars

Your IOU / YOM Reminder for colleagues and friends.Two times awarded as one of the best apps of the year! (during iTunes Rewind)Never ever forget the money again that you lent your... Read more »

Video Split for WhatsAppVideo Split for WhatsApp
Price: 2,29 EUR
Now only 1,09 EUR / -52.4% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 20. January 2020
0 Ratings - Rating 0.00 Stars

Need to post lengthy videos on your WhatsApp status but cant accurately split them? Say no more.Get WhatsApp Split today and experience the precision in video splitting.With our... Read more »

IRIScan to Word – Paper to editable Word (Scanner, OCR & Converter)IRIScan to Word – Paper to editable Word (Scanner, OCR & Converter)
Price: 5,49 EUR
Now only 1,09 EUR / -80.1% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 20. January 2020
0 Ratings - Rating 0.00 Stars

IRIScan to Word turns your iPhone & iPad into a scanner! Scan paper documents using the native camera of your iDevice and convert them into fully editable Word files (.docx)... Read more »

Stellarium Mobile PLUS Sky MapStellarium Mobile PLUS Sky Map
Price: 10,99 EUR
Now only 6,99 EUR / -36.4% - Update: iOS-Appstore at 20. January 2020
9 Ratings - Rating 4.50 Stars

Stellarium Mobile Plus is the next generation astronomy star map app. It combines a realistic and accurate night sky simulation with a gigantic amount of online imaging and sky... Read more »

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