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Multiple eggs timer
Price: 1,09 EUR - Update: iOS-Appstore 20. February 2020
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Version: 1.0 - Filesize: 41,15 MB
Developer: Martijn Van gogh
Category: Food and Drink
Weiterlesen in Deutsch This App is also available in German. / Diese App ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

App - Description

Multiple eggs timer hands you the optimale tool to determine the cooking times of multiple eggs at the same time. Very handy if you want to boil eggs for a (larger) group of friends or family! One person wishes his egg solid and another perfers her egg soft. The multiple eggs timer offers a solution, because it sets a separate timer for each desired doneness.

The app automatically takes into account what altitude you are currently located at, because this may affect the cooking time. Also other variables, like the size of the egg and its initial temperature are taken into account.

In order to determine the perfect cooking times, Multiple eggs timer makes use of scientific research by a prominent Physics institute.

One last note: please be careful of the hot water when placing your eggs in- and out of the pan! Happy cooking!

The App - Multiple eggs timer - is available for download for the following operating systems and devices: iOS (iPhone, iPad Amazon)!

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