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Statistics-Light for Wordpress
Price: For free - Update: iOS-Appstore 26. May 2019
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App - Description

Statistics-Light - A lightweight statistic tool for Wordpress.

The app makes it possible not only to visualize the data such as visitor numbers clearly for your blog. You also have the possibility to add several pages in the app, if you run several blogs.

+ Management of 1 to 36 Wordpress blogs.
+ Simple titles and color management
+ Blog statistics are protected by individual paths and passwords.
+ 3D-View of visitor and access statistics after 7, 14 and 30 days.

Collected data:
Visited website (URL, WP PostID), time/time of access and the IP address of the user. The IP address is automatically deleted after 24 hours.

The data remains solely with you and cannot be viewed and evaluated by third parties.

Help, Wordpress-Plugin and more informations:

Note: Also make sure that you have set up an SSL certificate for your blog or website to enable encrypted communication!

The App - Statistics-Light for Wordpress - is available for download for the following operating systems and devices: iOS (iPhone, iPad Amazon), Android Amazon!

Appstore - Download-Links

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App of the day at 06. April 2019

Die Statistics Light App für iOS und Android ermöglicht es nicht nur die Daten wie Besucherzahlen übersichtlich für Ihren WordPress Blog zu visualisieren. Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit mehrere Seiten in der App anzulegen, sofern Sie mehrere Blogs betreiben.

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