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Voice Band - WaveMachine Labs, Inc.
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Entwickler: WaveMachine Labs, Inc.
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Voice Band introduces a revolutionary new way to make music - with your voice! Featured on G4TV’s Attack of the Show (with Olivia Munn).

* Imagine creating an entire song with only your voice. *

Just sing into your phone and hear Voice Band transform your voice into an Instrument Amazon in real time. Voice Band doesnt simply alter your voice to sound like an instrument, it actually plays a real sampled instrument which follows what you sing. Want to jam to a guitar solo with your favorite band? Voice Band lets you play along with your ipod library, too.

Voice Band features a recorder which lets you build a song, one instrument at a time. Auto Amazon pitch mode helps you stay on key, and if youre a musician, youll appreciate the adjustable scale and metronome. Voice Band also includes a built-in effects processor with distortion, reverb, and delay.

Whether you’re a musician looking to instantly capture an arrangement idea, or a music fan looking to make your own music for the first time, Voice Band will inspire and challenge you.

Check out what others have to say:

NYTimes: “Want to write music but you can’t play an instrument? Download Voice Band, sing the melodies and rhythms for different instruments, and the app creates the bass, guitar and drum tracks to your specs.”

Gizmag: “Stunning multitrack rock band recordings using only your voice.” “I dont usually gush during App reviews … [but] VoiceBand is pretty marvelous.”

• Turns your voice into an instrument, in real time.
• Instruments include: 2 guitars, bass, sax, 2 synths, Drums, and a Mic mode
• Built-in recorder allows you to record an entire song, one instrument at a time.
• iPod player lets you play along with your favorite music.
• Drum mode lets you play both kick and snare at the same time by singing at two different volumes.
• Auto Pitch mode helps you to stay on key.
• Adjustable octave
• Effects include distortion, reverb and delay.
• Adjustable musical scale for auto pitch includes Major, Minor, Blues, Pentatonic, Wholetone and Mixolydian.
• Built-in metronome with adjustable tempo.
• Songs can be saved, and e-mailed from within Voice Band.
• Compatible with headphone and microphone accessories, including the iRig Mic for high quality recording.

NOTE: Like any musical instrument, Voice Band works better with practice. If you consider yourself non-musical you can still have lots of fun with Voice Band as you continue to expand your musical talent! For help in getting the most from Voice Band, check out our tutorial videos.

• An iPhone 4 or 3GS is strongly recommended to reduce the processing delay that can interfere with accurate instrument control.
• Quality headphones are recommended.
• A quiet place to record, to avoid false instrument triggering from external noise.
• Practice is required! As with any musical instrument, your results will improve dramatically as your skill develops.

NOTE: A pair of headphones (with a built-in mic) is required for iPod Touch and original (1st Gen) iPhone users.

Links to quoted sources:

Attack of the Show with Olivia Munn:

Die App - Voice Band - WaveMachine Labs, Inc. - steht für folgende Betriebssysteme und Geräte zum Download bereit: iOS (iPhone, iPad Amazon)!

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- Improved pitch detection

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Kundenbewertung 5 SterneIch liebe es! - Die Anwendung tut was sie verspricht. Ich habe sie Unter folgenden Geräte getestet: 1. iPhone 3G mit iOS 4.1 (Sehr gut) 2. iPhone 3G mit iOS 4.2.1 (OK) 3. iPhone 4G mit iOS 4.1 nach Oben! (Perfekt) Ich kann diese Anwendung wirklich empfehlen! Viel Spaß damit!
Kundenbewertung 2 SterneiOS 8 Update nötig? - Eigentlich eine gute Idee, doch leider friert das Programm ein sobald die Aufnahme gelöscht oder wiederholt werden soll. Das macht jedes Mal einen langwierigen Neustart plus neue Einstellungen notwendig. leider habe ich nirgends eine Möglichkeit zur Kontaktaufnahme mit dem Service gefunden. Please fix the Problem with undo or delead the Recording with ios8.
Kundenbewertung 5 SterneSuper - Ich finde die app echt cool. Man kann die Instrumente zwar eher nicht gebrauchen, da sie nicht ganz echtzeitig spielen. Aber die Aufnahmefunktion ist Hammer. Mann kann über die Aufnahmen wieder aufnehmen. Die Qualität nimmt etwas ab dabei. Aber wenn man gerade Muße hat und Instrumente selbst einspielen möchte, kann man das mit dieser app super einfach machen. Und der fertige Song kann direkt in mp3 umgewandelt werden und per Email verschickt werden. Für eine professionelle Tonstudioaufnahme ist die app eher nicht geeignet. Aber man kann viele Stunden mit ihr verbringen, wenn man handgemachte Musik aufnehmen möchte! Echt cool!

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